The duck is still alive!

Good news, the duck is still alive! Which duck? The one in Prokofiev’s “Peter and the wolf”, of course! Remember… at the end of the story, the wolf swallow the […]

The Sirba Octet

When classical musicians decide to play klezmer music, it’s always a risky challenge. But with the Sirba Octet, it’s just a great pleasure for us listeners! These 8 musicians from […]

Martin Fröst - Roots

In a galaxy far far away… is Martin Fröst new album, Roots. His quest to “create new programmes which move beyond traditional concert formats” lead him to the roots of […]

Watchdog - You're Welcome

After Emilien Véret, Ismail Lumanovski & Inspector Gadje and Klarthe Quintet, all in various styles, here’s another great find! Watchdog’s debut album, “You’re welcome”, has nothing to do with any […]

Clarinettes urbaines

Here it is! Émilien Véret’s debut album “Clarinettes urbaines” is now available: iTunes amazon deezer The videos of “Quartier Est” and “La ville” made me think that the whole album […]