Here are some advanced technical exercises for the clarinet, based on the chromatic scale. We are going to explore all intervals while ascending or descending a chromatic scale: minor seconds, major seconds, minor thirds, major thirds, perfect fourths, diminished fifths, perfect fifths, minor sixths, major sixths, minor sevenths, major sevenths and perfect octaves.

Obviously, you could build these exercices by yourself, mentally calculating the next note. But I think that reading the intervals is interesting too: I intentionally chose not to write them on the easiest way, but with only sharps on the ascending scales and only flats on the descending ones. Therefore, you will find a lot of double sharps and double flats, and that is a good eye training exercise!

I didn’t write the enharmonic intervals (for example, you will find the diminished fifths but not the augmented fourth). If you’re interested in those, let me know by leaving a comment!

Intervals based on clarinet chromatic scale (156.9 KiB, 1102 downloads)

If you find those exercises useful, your support will be much appreciated. Thank you!

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