Here are your first clarinet scales. I’m sure you can’t wait to practice scales for hours and hours, this is obviously the most thrilling part of playing the clarinet!

If you agree, I bet you’re very impatient to download these scales I wrote especially for you. Here are the links: chromatic scale and major and minor scales for clarinet beginners.

If you disagree, wait, don’t run away! I was just kidding! Let me explain. Well, if playing scales may seem boring in the first place, it’s a really powerful way to improve your clarinet playing skills! If you do it the right way, it may even become a very pleasant moment in your practice schedule!

The chromatic scale

But enough talking, let me give you the download links. First of all, the chromatic scale : it’s a good way to be sure you don’t hesitate on any fingering. Moreover, this scale is used by many composers : by practicing it early on, you will achieve a good technical level much more quickly. As a result, you will be able to focus on what is the most important in pieces of music: sound and expression.

– Download Clarinet Chromatic Scale

Major and minor scales

Now, here are the first major and minor scale you can practice on. Minor scales are the harmonic ones. I think the harmonic minor scales are the most interesting to practice because of the augmented second you won’t find anywhere in major or other minor scales. In a way, a natural minor scale has exactly the same level of difficulty as its relative major scale (all tones are the same, only the tonic changes), and the ascending melodic minor one is very close to the parallel major key (only one tone is different, the mediant).
First, play legato with strong air support and a deep warm sound. Speed is not your goal, focus on sound and legato quality. Then play staccato or any combination of tongued and slured articulations you want, and start rising up speed !

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Scales with no sharps or flats :

C Major
A minor
Scales with flats :
1 flat F Major
D minor
2 flats Bb Major
G minor
3 flats Eb Major
C minor
Scales with sharps :
1 sharp G Major
E minor
2 sharps D Major
B minor
3 sharps A Major
F# minor

You can also download all my clarinet scales for beginners in one big PDF (excluding the chromatic scale) :

Easy clarinet scales (1.2 MiB, 3202 downloads)

If you find those clarinet scales useful, your support will be much appreciated. Thank you !

Commentez !