Clarinettes urbaines - Emilien Veret

Do you know Emilien Veret? No? Let me introduce him: he is a french clarinetist in Paris, and has a great project: “Clarinettes urbaines”, which means “urban clarinets” in French (easy, isn’t it?)

He plays the Bb clarinet and the bass clarinet, and also beatboxes! He uses loop pedals to create his jazz-world-electro-classical-and-many-other-music-styles-inspired compositions and improvisations.

His first album will be released next October, it should be available for download on the 12th. I’ll put the links in this article for you.

Let’s listen to “La Ville” (the city):

You can listen to other titles on SoundCloud.
And watch another video, “Quartier Est” (East Neighbourhood):

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