Show off your musical personality!

If you are a musician, then your music instrument is a great part of your personality. Last week, I got an idea: I realized various objects for musicians. I called the series “Yes, I speak music”.

instruments mug t-shirt pillow bag

All products are available on Society6. I made various instruments, select yours in the list below:

FlutePiccoloRecorderOboeEnglish hornClarinetBass clarinetBassoonContrabassoonSaxophoneViolinViolaCelloViola da gambaDouble BassGuitarPianoHarpsichordOrganHarpTrumpetHornTromboneEuphoniumTubaSnare drumTriangle SopranoMezzo-sopranoTenorBaritoneBass.


If your instrument is not in the list or if you would like another musical excerpt, just ask in a comment and I’ll make it for you! Here are some examples of customization, upbeats for the horn, more virtuosity for the violin, oompas and multibar rests for the tuba, more boleroness for the snare drum, 3 staves for the organ:

do-you-speak-horn-mugs do-you-speak-violin-mugs tuba-oompas-white-mugs tuba-rests-white-mugs i-speak-snare-drum-mugs do-you-speak-organ-mugs

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