Scales for intermediate clarinetists

You’ve practiced your first clarinet scales for a long time, and they sound nearly perfect? Good! Let’s move on to the scales I wrote for intermediate clarinestits.

ClarinetThe goal here is to go higher, to play faster, and to discover complicated scales with 4, 5 or 6 sharps/flats with tricky fingering combinations…

– Download Clarinet chromatic scale

And now, major and minor scales, with diatonic scales, seconds, thirds, triads, dominant seventh chords and diminished seventh chords.

Scales with no sharps or flats:

C Major
A minor


Scales with flats:
1 flat F Major
D minor
2 flats Bb Major
G minor
3 flats Eb Major
C minor
4 flats Ab Major
F minor
5 flats Db Major
Bb minor
6 flats Gb Major
Eb minor
Scales with sharps:
1 sharp G Major
E minor
2 sharps D Major
B minor
3 sharps A Major
F# minor
4 sharps E Major
C# minor
5 sharps B Major
G# minor
6 sharps F# Major
D# minor

You can also download all scales in one big PDF (excluding the chromatic scale).

Intermediate clarinet scales (1.2 MiB, 653 downloads)

If you find those scales useful, your support will be much appreciated. Thank you !

Commentez !