Easy clarinet scales

Here are your first clarinet scales.

First of all, the chromatic scale : it’s a good way to be sure you don’t hesitate on any fingering. Moreover, this scale is used by many composers : by practicing it early on, you will achieve a good technical level much more quickly, so you will be able to focus on what is the most important in pieces : sound and expression.

Clarinet– Download Clarinet Chromatic Scale


Now, here are the first major and minor scale you can practice on. Minor scales are the harmonic ones.
First, play legato with strong air support and a deep warm sound. Speed is not your goal, focus on sound and legato quality. Then play staccato or any combination of tongued and slured articulations you want, and start rising up speed !

Scales with no sharps or flats :

C Major
A minor


Scales with flats :
1 flat F Major
D minor
2 flats Bb Major
G minor
3 flats Eb Major
C minor
Scales with sharps :
1 sharp G Major
E minor
2 sharps D Major
B minor
3 sharps A Major
F# minor


You can also download all scales in one big PDF (excluding the chromatic scale) :

Easy clarinet scales (1.2 MiB, 734 downloads)

If you find those scales useful, your support will be much appreciated. Thank you !

Commentez !