Guillaume Jouis

3D printed bells and barrels

3D printing constantly evolves. This evolution allows more and more applications. So, why not a 3D printed clarinet? Well, that’s what Ryan Pereira (almost) does. His company Pereira 3D Clarinet […]

The duck is still alive!

Good news, the duck is still alive! Which duck? The one in Prokofiev’s “Peter and the wolf”, of course! Remember… at the end of the story, the wolf swallow the […]

4 tips for rebel musicians

Last — but not least — of the four tendencies: rebels! They resist both inner and outer expectations. It seems that it would be harder for them succeed at something […]

4 tips for upholder musicians

Previously on “the four tendencies”, I gave suggestions to obligers and questioners that could help them practice their instrument regularly. Today, let’s talk about upholders. People with this tendency meet […]

The Sirba Octet

When classical musicians decide to play klezmer music, it’s always a risky challenge. But with the Sirba Octet, it’s just a great pleasure for us listeners! These 8 musicians from […]


Remember my post about Gretchen Rubin “four tendencies” ? Over 200 people answered my poll, thank you all! The poll reveals that obligers are predominant, with 33% of the voters. […]